Build the future with us.

The Reece name is probably best known for plumbing. But we’re much more than that. We're transforming our business through world-class technology solutions. For our people, this means amazing opportunities to shape the future. And you can be a part of it.

How we work


It’s easy to get caught in the trap of being all things to all people. We don’t work that way. By having focus, we create impact. We’re always clear about what we are building and why. We prioritise and plan so we can deliver value in full. On time. Every time.


Our industry is one of rapid and constant change. We must lead and adapt to that change. Or we will become extinct. We constantly and actively challenge the status quo, anticipating, planning and delivering tomorrow, today. We think forward and we think big.

Design it
so they
love it

We develop products and services for real people. We want those who can build for the customer need - with heart. Those who can make it easy. Make it human. Here you’ll get to delve into the lives of our customers, invite feedback and constantly improve the user experience.

your craft

What we do is more than a job. It’s a craft. Here you can love it and dedicate yourself to it. You’ll have opportunities to continuously improve and be the best you can be. Your work impacts and inspires others. That’s why delivering quality consistently and quickly is the key.

Lead the

reecetech is a critical driver within our business. We’re not just an implementer of ideas from the top, we work closely with our business to understand and shape the future.

Here you’ll be part of the team that that is responsible for inventing new ways of doing business - leading the change.